Catastrophic Event On The Sea Island Spit

This letter is addressed to whomever may be interested in what I have learned about the Sea Island Spit and the high tide event in the latter part of November, 2015.

For the most part the entire area where the 8 lots are proposed have had ocean wave impacts that go southward past the borrow pit towards the tip end of the spit.  What my images will address this evening is the event that the ocean broke through the dune along side the old borrow pit in two places.

My photos will show the only connection to the upper half of the spit where the proposed lots are located is a very, very narrow strip of vegetation.  In other words, the lower part of the spit starting at just south of lot #7 is a hammock standing alone……

As you will be able to see in the southwest corner of the spit, it is open to the black Banks River and marshes where the tide enters the spit on a regular basis from the Black banks River tides.  Now, I am no scientist, nor am I an oceanographer but common sense tells me when the ocean starts pouring through those newly formed gaps it will be stronger than the tides of Black Banks River and at some point will start pushing through the southwest corner gap and force the river water back towards the marshes on the west bank of the river. I am only expressing my opinion and beliefs about what I believe is about to occur on the south end of Sea Island.

I want to advise anyone and everyone that if the Joint Marsh/Shore Protection Committee rams through the permit proposal requested by the Sea Island Acquisition (SIA) unless the permit proposal has been revised to account for all the erosion before this tidal event it will not be fair to us the natural resources and general public because since the original site plan was presented major alterations to the eastern face of the spit have been dramatically altered due to erosion.  The site plan covers what the site looked like several months ago and is nothing like it was even 8-10 months ago.  Then you add on the tidal event(s) like are shown in my images this evening compounds the problem that was in the original proposal.  I am no scientist, however, I am willing to put up my photographic documentation for two years of this site to anyone that says I am lying(untruthful).  The main break through is very near where the permit request wants to anchor the new groin to the land surface already weakened by the borrow pit break through.

There is no way the state should permit the proposal as it was originally proposed.  Just think about the spit as a deer that a hunter has brought home to butcher.  When the hunter removes the skin from the deer, it exposes its ugly underneath sides and the tides have done this to the spit at an accelerated speed in the past two years.

I urge any and all that can to please attend the Coastal Shore Protection Act hearing for this proposal hearing at 9:00 A.M. on 12-11-15 at 610 Beachview Drive on St. Simons (near the light house).  If you can not come, call your legislator(s) and the the Coastal Resources Division (CRD) at (912-264-7218) and tell them you observed the photos that James Holland sent out and ask them if I am being untruthful to the public.  The local state legislators will receive this information tonight at the same time you do and the CRD will also.  Respectfully,

James R. Holland

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